Issa Movement: The Best Tweets from WhatsKnocking Chat!


Twitter Chat: GoodKnocking hosted our Second of Many WhatsKnocking chats. March 23rd’s Topic Focused On Building Audiences.


Our Twitter Chat for March 23, 2017 brought forward some insightful commentary from our followers about the importance of having an audience. Knowing what it takes to engage your audience, and where to reach them best are just some of a few key points creatives have to keep in mind while on their journey to creating the perfect product (song, post, photo, design, or campaign). The products may vary, but the overall enjoyment of having your work appreciated never changes.

Here are some of the best tweets from Issa Movement: The Audience You Have vs. The Audience You Want.

WhatsKnocking is GoodKnocking’s Twitter Chat centering artists, bloggers, vloggers, and creatives as the driving community of culture. Whether right here in Tampa or not, the chat offers an opportunity to create healthy, productive exchanges of information and advice. When we developed the idea for WhatsKnocking, it was for that exactly: to allow young urban creatives a space to use Twitter as a resource much like other companies and organizations like Buffer, Hootsuite, and ColourPop use it – as a tool for business engagement. We are the driving community of culture, creating new trends, vernacular, and being the innovators of social media and it’s time to highlight the knowledge and experience we have in what we do.

Be sure to join us next week for The Art of Storytelling: Wanting To Blog, Hating To Write.

Also, this week, we were happy to announce that GoodKnocking Radio’s second pilot show, OffTheFeed, with COCOtheVIRGO and Darren J is slated to return to the airwaves this April. We’ll be announcing exact dates and information very soon, so if you haven’t done so already, be sure to subscribe for more posts and updates from GKNET. GoodKnocking Radio is accessible 24/7 from our site as well as via mobile apps TuneIn and Streema.

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As for Marvel&Friends, hold on to your seats because Season 2 is coming very soon as well.

Be Good. Spread Love.

Interested in being a moderator for a future WhatsKnocking Chat? Provide us your information, and we’ll be in contact with you shortly to discuss details and collaborative opportunities.

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