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Earth & Alkemy isn’t your typical brand. In fact, during my interview with Rah Hines, owner of the Tampa-based lifestyle brand, I had to correct myself a few times from focusing on calling it a business. It’s so much more than that. It’s a lifestyle that is truly carried out by its owner, and looks to educate and engage its community by setting an example that the best way to increase one’s quality of life is to change the quality of one’s environment.

Much of what you’ll hear in my exchange with Rah during episode 18 (or season finale) challenges the status quo set by trends that look to inspire us to live better lives. According to Rah, the focus should be a better life, not a perfect one.

“I do my best to be positive and share my light with everyone,”  said Rah, whose now been living and working and living in Tampa since 2015, and volunteering at the Ybor Street Botanical Garden.

“Earth & Alkemy and me as a person, the environment – everything is not separated, it’s not compartmentalized. A lot of what our culture tells us to do is compartmentalize things. But no, we’re all connected to our spiritual selves – mental, emotional, physical – we’re in the same realm as the environment.”

With a strong focus on both what we put into our bodies as well as what we do for the environment around us, Earth and Alkemy’s initiatives include introducing the community back to a holistic embrace of their environment. With practices like permaculture, dieting, and products such as her Arkana candles line, Rah pointed out important factors that many of us might be missing out on in our journey to healthier living. We must not separate our environments, but instead, have to aim to bettering ourselves by working both at the internal and the external.

Marvel&Friends: Rah Exhibits Products by Earth & Alkemy from Alex Auguste on Vimeo.

From tips on local activities, and inspiration to get started with gardening, or even daily words of self affirmation, Rah’s steps to getting started towards a better life become as simple as making a decision to begin. I love the fact that it wasn’t complicated, or requires some extracurricular commitment. Instead, it’s as simple as making one aware of our effects on our surroundings.

Earth and Alkemy is currently primarily an online boutique for its products, but Rah says the focus for the future is to bring Tampa a brick-and-mortar bizarre where like-minded individuals can drop in to pick up products geared towards bettering the quality of their environmental imprint.

“This year, I’m co-organizing a wellness retreat called ‘Cultivate Elevate‘, that’s going to be March 24-26th at Fort DeSoto Park. And that’s about disconnecting with all the [bullshit], and reconnecting with ourselves, and our goals, and our environment.”

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