Opinions: Does ‘The Golden Rule’ Also Apply To Support?

Maya: What does it take to make support a reciprocated exchange between two people? Or have we been spoiled by the old Biblical adage?

For small businesses and organization, picking up traction and being able to grow an audience is very important. Over the last few years, we’ve heard many people speaking about supporting small businesses, or supporting black owned businesses, and while reading up on this, I thought about The Golden Rule. Does it really apply in a situation like this when it comes to talking about business?

Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated. I think the golden rule might have messed us up! The question I have been thinking about now for some time is what if I don’t want to be treated how you want to be treated? Now lets substitute “treated” for “supported”.

When supporting an organization, company, or business we should start asking “What is support to YOU?”. Because what if these groups don’t want to be supported how you would want to be supported?

Some owners and leaders may have a different outlook on what will actually support their cause or business. This could vary anywhere from monetary exchanges, purchasing products, donations, sponsorship, but it could also be other things as well. For example, support to a new entrepreneur could be advice, opinions, knowledge or connections. Support could be as simple as asking the person what exactly they offer or are trying to accomplish. If this requires you to step out of your box and seems a little uncomfortable, GOOD!

“The best things in life are often waiting for you at the exit ramp of your comfort zone.”

– Karen Salmansohn

Rise Above created a moment on Twitter asking this same question. Take a moment to check it out and join the conversation. Provide your perspective on what support is to you.


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