A New Listening Experience: GoodKnocking Radio 3.0

Most recent updates, GoodKnocking Radio 3.0 adds Unique Pages and Branded Listening Experience To Audience Favorites.

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As GoodKnocking Radio continues to grow, our focus is to shape the listening experiences of our diverse audience. Whether you’re a fan of OffTheFeed, or 4pmCountDownMix with DJ RaulTheFool, the opportunity to tune in to your favorites should offer you an experience that is both unique to your own preference as well as the style and content of our programming.

Being said, as of June 4, 2017 GoodKnocking Radio 3.0 now offers unique listening experiences for our top pilor shows, Marvel&FriendsOffTheFeed, and 4pmCountDownMix. Continuing on their normal respective schedules, each show is now hosted right here on GKNET with their own pages which include interactive chat features, live social streams, weekly content, and up-to-date episode reels.

After gathering data and feedback from our audiences, we’ve taken major strides to delivering an experience that is meaningful for our loyal weekly listeners as well as our ever-growing audience. Whether it’s part of your weekly routine, or your first time listening, being part of GoodKnocking Radio is easier than ever.

Simply visit the GoodKnocking Radio page gives you an inside look and preview to what’s going on with our shows. Selecting which show you’re interested in can take place easily from there, and listeners can now bookmark (whether on desktop or on mobile) their favorite GoodKnocking Radio show pages for instant access for current and past shows.

So, without further adieu, go check out the latest episodes from our hottest shows, Marvel&Friends and OffTheFeed, and be sure to catch DJ RaulTheFool each and every Friday afternoon at 4pm for the 4pmCountDownMix streaming live from GoodKnocking.net!

Want easier access to our shows. Check out our simple directions for turning GoodKnocking Radio into an app:

  1. Visit your favorite shows’ URL (Marvel&Friends, OffTheFeed4pmCountDownMix) on your mobile browser.
  2. Click the page settings (for Google Chrome: the 3 dots in the top right hand corner, and select “Add to HomeScreen; For Safari: click the “Share button”, and select “Add to HomeScreen”)
  3. Your selected page has officially become an icon on your mobile phone’s front page(s) for easy access to your favorite show(s).

In lieu of our new roll out, GoodKnocking Radio will be releasing a specialized schedule of non-attached playlists, including tribute playlists, and special programming that you can tune in to by visiting our standard GoodKnocking Radio page. All Summer long, and until further notice, GoodKnocking Radio will release special programming that will introduce new segments, playlists, pilots, and more. Until then, be sure to keep tuning in to Mistah Marvel, CocoTheVirgo, Darren J, and RaulTheFool, for their popular and ever-growing shows.

We hope you like GoodKnocking Radio 3.0, and hope to gain your feedback from our new roll out. For updates on upcoming programming, shows, and more from GoodKnocking Radio, be sure to subscribe to our Mailing List today!

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