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Followers, Subscribers May Notice Some Changes With GoodKnocking. Here’s Everything You Need To Know.

As of June 4th, GoodKnocking Entertainment Group made a sudden change. After a year of GoodKnocking Radio, we’ve made some changes to our operations, primarily for GoodKnocking Radio – for the better of course. As we continue to transition and keep up with the trends that will bring GoodKnocking as the premiere internet radio brand in the Bay, we’ve dropped new developments in our second major update to our station in over a year.

If you’re a loyal listener, you might notice some changes in how you tune in to shows like OffTheFeed and Marvel&Friends. So, here’s a breakdown of all our changes we’ve made, and other changes that are to come.

Individualized Show Streams and Branding

Tuning in to your favorite shows now comes with a much more filling experience. As of June 4th, OffTheFeed4pmCountDownMix, and Marvel&Friends each have their own individualized page for tuning in and offers exclusive information and content pertaining to their shows. From submitting your very own rant to CocoTheVirgo and Darren J for “What Grinds My Gear”, or submitting to Mistah Marvel for “FailOftheWeek”, you can now bookmark those pages and catch episode after episode of their shows.

In recents posts, we revealed a means to turn your favorite shows into an app on your mobile phone’s home screen. With individualized branding per show, you now have the power to have quick and easy access to your favorite shows as they go live.

Starting this month, GoodKnocking will be rolling out a number of different activities for our station. Our shows will operate normally, and can be found on their individual pages. As for our GKRadio page, you can enjoy the best in playlists, mixes, tribute shows and more. With our new rollout, you can expect to enjoy classic GoodKnocking Radio playlists such as Trap&Caffeine (Mon. 7am), TrailMix AM (Tues. 7am), and Unsigned/Undiscovered (Wed. 10pm). In addition, we’ll be rolling out a calendar for our tribute/dedication show, A Good Ol’ Tribute, which will invite guests to provide commentary and host our dedication playlists when they air throughout the Summer and Fall.

For updates on taking part in A Good Ol’ Tribute, contact us at

Inquire On Everything GoodKnocking From Our Site

GoodKnocking offers a wide variety of services, which include event hosting services, on-air promotions and advertising and more. To better cater to interested individuals, we now house forms and information about these services so that every visit to our site can pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for. GKNET is now your one-stop show for booking services, corresponding with our various teams, and learning more about GoodKnocking’s different entities.

GoodKnocking Magazine

GoodKnocking Magazine, GoodKnocking Radio, Tampa Digital Magazine, Urban Tampa Journal
Shaniqua Martin for GoodKnocking Magazine, May 2017.
Urban Tampa Journal, GoodKnocking Radio, GoodKnocking Magazine
Ravin Lawson, MLNDSOUL, for GoodKnocking Magazine, May 2017

From web blog to official online publication, we’re in the beta phase of the full release of our monthly journal, GoodKnocking Magazine. Last month, we unveiled the double-sided cover of our May 2017 issue featuring Shaniqua Martin and Ravin Lawson, both guests of Marvel&Friends.

Each month, GoodKnocking will unveil its cover, which is associated with its feature story. As we continue to build our publication, you can expect to see the full stories featured dually on GKNET as well as in our publication on Medium. Covers will be unveiled mid-month with the full stories being release just around the end of the month. Be sure to subscribe to posts from GKNET as well as following us on Medium for updates and the release of our full stories.

For interested writers who’d like to join our publication team for GoodKnocking Magazine, please contact us at, or fill out our contact form on our Work With Us page. Joining is simply, and we look forward to providing the backing for creatives looking to expand their audience through our publication.

Our Radio Now: More Ways To Serve You

With changes coming to nearly every GK platform, we want to be sure to continue to cater our listener experience with GoodKnocking Radio to how our audience prefers it. While our streams are no longer 24/7, we are working hard to create engaging programming and allocating our resources to creating more opportunities for our audience to have real-time interactions with GoodKnocking on various levels. Presently, we have a survey out that invites feedback about your listening experience and GoodKnocking Radio can do to better enhance your experience with our station, shows, and On-Air hosts.

We’ve been working diligently to identify areas of opportunities in our internet radio broadcasting. Through the last few months, GoodKnocking Radio has been able to identify that relationships with brands has not allowed our audiences to take advantage of deals, offers, and more. At this time, then, we’re offering introductory packages for brands and businesses to take advantage of in order to reach our audience. Through advertising packages, and a la carte-style service offers, GoodKnocking Radio becomes your business’ platform for generating visibility and direct contact with our unique audience.


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