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The Opportunity To Work With Us Is Here! Contact Us Today to Inquire About Opportunities To Collaborate And Join Our Knockturnals!

Whether you’re enjoying our site, or looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate with us, we invite you to contact us! Through this simple contact page, you’ll be able to request information about becoming a Knockturnal, contributing to our site, music submissions, and general inquiries. Additionally, we can keep in contact with you in regards to cross-marketing opportunities, promotions/sales, and GoodKnocking’s services. We ask that you allow us up to 24-48hrs for response time, and thank you for any and all feedback.

Our mission is simply to provide creatives – artists, bloggers, influencers, micro-influencers, and promoters – or those aspiring to be such with a community for exchange, sharing, and collaborating. The Knockturnals Community will provide these individuals with GKNET as their primary resource for releasing content. Whether your interest is Entertainment, Fashion, Music, News, Events, of Lifestyles, GKNET is your new hub for exploring your talents.

Please Note that Our “Work With Us” Page Is No Longer A Page For Submitting Music. Additionally, Music Submissions for GoodKnocking Radio are no longer accepted by email, and should be submitted through our Submit Page.

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