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OffTheFeed is a day in the life of two internet trolls, CocoTheVirgo and Darren J, and their takes on content that they find on their social media streams (Instragram, Facebook, Twitter). Airing every Tuesday night at 8:30pm, OffTheFeed gives your weekly dose of comedic banter on social media’s most relevant topics, mess ups, and headlines. Spotlighting segments like “It’s Gone Viral”, “WeirdNews”, “Whose Mans Is It Anyway”, and the infamous “What Grinds My Gears”, Coco and Darren are sure to have you on the edge of laughter and fury.

Originally airing in 2015 as a premiere show on GoodKnocking RadioOffTheFeed has established itself as a crowd favorite for listeners. With the opportunity to both tune in and interact with our hosts about relevant content seen on the TL or newsfeed, this show invites all listeners from all walks of social media life to get a kick out of the listening experience.

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Contribute to our show each week by submitting content, image, and opinions on topics and content you’ve seen on your own social media feeds. Each week CocoTheVirgo and Darren J take on the following segments on-air:

It’s Gone Viral: A segment dedicated to the discussion and views on the week’s next big craze on social media. From funny memes, gifs, and hashtags, It’s Gone Viral topics come directly from the web!

WeirdNews: A compilation of current events and headlines with a stranger plot than a strange twist. From news to stories you’ve seen or heard in your area, WeirdNews stays true to the name.

Whose Mans It Is Anyway: Who said what, or who did who. Whose Mans is a collection of strange behaviors and the opportunity to collect someone for the stupidity or odds things they’ve done off social media.

What Grinds My Gears😡: Just get it off your chest!



Updates [05/03/17] OffTheFeed is now available on iTunes and Google Play Music as a podcast. Subscribe today for immediate updates and notifications whenever podcasted episodes go live!