Who We Are

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GoodKnocking Entertainment Group is a Tampa entertainment group with strict focus of providing online publication, internet radio broadcasts, and event services to our various clients. Through respective platforms, GoodKnocking provides a wide variety of services that affordable business-to-business, as well as consumer facing solutions to everyday life events such as your grand opening, wedding day, and your first radio interview.

Since 2014, GoodKnocking has established its notoriety for being a small business with an affinity towards breaking traditional barriers between how people in our community seek and secure service providers, specifically for life’s biggest memories including Sweet 16’s, graduation days, wedding days, and birthday parties and retirement parties. From handling your small business’ launch date to major press releases, GoodKnocking Entertainment Group will be alongside you making the best of those memories.


Since our inaugural broadcast in 2010, GoodKnocking has establish a name synonymous with entertainment and opportunity. From one idea and one broadcast, we’ve developed our brand identity as the available entertainment for our peers and our connected generation. Through the establishment of various event brands, internet radio/podcast shows, and our commitment to creating opportunities for ambitious Millennials, we’re on our way to not only branding your next favorite line of entertainers, but changing who and how entertainment is delivered to you.

Our services range from advertising and promotions to event vendor support like DJ services and Event Hosting Services. Find out more information about such services below.

Event Services

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With GoodKnocking’s Event Services, you’re able to inquire on in-house services that both enrich and enhance the production and enjoyment of your overall event. Whether it’s a sweet 16, corporate event, or an upcoming wedding ceremony/reception, GoodKnocking will have you covered.

GoodKnocking Radio

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As a wide-ranging, and intricate radio station, our broadcasts reach tens of thousands of listeners on its platform from around the country and world. With what we put into our programming, you can now expect to see more of our services extend into our most popular platform – internet radio!

GKNET Online

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As a platform, we’re committed to consistently developing content to provide to our visitors, subscribers, and listeners. With GKNET Online, you’re given access to become a writer for our online publication, pitch a show idea, submit a featured article, as well as seek additional advertising services altogether.